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To assist you in finding the specific services you need, our Sayulita service listings are identified by type of business, trade, or industry.

There’s more to life than fun and games.  While Bucerias is certainly abuzz with vacation activities and tourist attractions, there are still times when travelers and residents alike will need to take care of business, whether it’s business as usual or an emergency of some kind, practical resources are an important element in keeping the momentum of life on track.

Some Bucerias Business services include photography, computer repair, attorneys, BuceriasTire and Mechanic stores, insurance businesses and copy and WiFi cafes.  And although US and Canadian dollars are accepted at many Bucerias establishments, sometimes having Mexican pesos (MXN) offers the advantage of a lower price on local products and services. Besides, it’s a good idea to have pesos for tips, since tipping in foreign currency costs the already low-paid locals exchange rates.  Fortunately, there plenty of money exchanges in town and nearby banks for more complex transactions.

When it comes to transportation, a number of options and services are available.  For short trips, there are taxis, public buses, and colectivos (large taxis, usually minivans). For longer excursions, there are luxury commuter buses and bus tour companies that can accommodate nearly every travel distance. There are also private transportation services with VIP services.  For those who prefer to drive themselves, car rentals are an option. Driving comes with its own set of disadvantages, since maintenance and repairs are sometimes necessary, but the resourceful Mexican technicians can repair almost anything!

It’s not only cars that need maintenance and repair but also our bodies.  With so many mountain adventures and water activities in the Riviera Nayarit, accidents sometimes happen. Although rare, it’s important to know where to go for medical care. Even the smallest inconveniences can put a damper on your vacation, such as a toothache, which can be resolved by proper dental care. Bucerias is well-equipped to handle any physical problems that may arise, with two main hospitals in Puerto Vallarta.

Life’s unexpected surprises can sometimes be good, and one of the delightful aspects of this town is its diversity.  With an affordable real estate market and foreign friendly laws, many travelers have come for a visit and stayed for a lifetime.  Real Estate brokers will show you the property of your retirement dreams, or a rental for a shorter stay.

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