Bucerias Mexico Annual “Lady of Peace” Festival

Hola a todos! Every town along the Riviera Nayarit has their own festival for 9 days, and it’s that time of the year for the Bucerias Mexico Festival, called the “Lady of Peace”. The “Lady of Peace” is the mother and protector of the fishermen, which is also celebrated at the end of the festival on January 24th with the “Blessing of the Boats”.

The beginning of the festivities starts with a parade on Friday the 16th, (today) at 5:00 (MX time, which means anywhere from 5-6pm) starting at the Oxxo at the Decamaron hotel street at the south end of Bucerias and Las Palmas ave, and proceed down the lateral towards centro. Keeping in the energy of the celebration of the “Lady of Peace” everyone is asked to wear white. Be a participant and join in on the celebrations!

The Festival Location
The streets are blocked off one block north of the church on Mexico Ave, down past Luna Lounge to Esquina 22 Bar and Lounge. Thhs is where the kids rides and food booths will be set up, along with the carnival games that everyone likes to play. My favorite? the booth where you through rocks at beer bottles to win beers! I usually give the beers away for fun. Due to the streets being closed and everyone coming in for the festival the parking situation is super crazy. It is recommended to take the bus or taxi in, or walk if you can. Take care of your possessions due to the large crowds. There will be an amazing amount of people at the festival that come from all over.

What is a Toritos?
A “toritos” is a man dressed like a bull with a structure built on him with fireworks going off like crazy from his back. He runs around like a crazy bull while the young guys try to touch him! One of the craziest things I have seen for sure. It was banned for awhile…go figure! So picture this guy running through the crowds! jajajaja!
I have heard there will be a total of 9 toritos at 11pm. Two of the toritos will for sure be on Friday evening and on the final day of the festival Jan 24th, where there will also be a huge tower built called a Castillo. It’s really, really tall..not sure just exactly how tall…but TALL (did I mention it was tall?) with spinning firework wheels and big fireworks shooting off from it with an amazing grand finale.on the final day of the festival, January 24th.

Mass Schedule
You are going to be hearing a lot of cannons going off….they sound like M80′s, so know that this is the norm! The will be going off in the early morning, noon and evening calling people to mass, and probably in-between! Early mass is at 6am. They have Mariachi’s before and after, also serving hot chocolate and sweat bread (free donation). I have heard it is one of the most beautiful masses to attend, especially the first and last day of the festival.  After the evening mass live entertainment will be happening in the plaza.

The Beautiful and Talented Horse Women 
There will also be an amazing and exciting display of women and their horses in the local charro (rodeo ring) in Bucerias. They are so beautiful! We are not sure of that date yet, so stay tuned. As always, dated and time changes can happen frequently. You can check the allBucerias.com/Calendar as well as amigosdebucerias.org/  for last minute changes that usually occur. You may also check the RivieraNayaritFun Facebook page for updates and all kinds of Banderas Bay fun! Like our page please…if you like!

At the end of the Festival is the “Blessing of the Boats” on January 24th. This is where the fishermen dress up their pangas and come over from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and beach the boats for a blessing. Then the blessing continues to the church with Aztec dancers and festivities. More information will be posted as this is another article in itself!

Enjoy the festivities everyone and have lots of fun enjoying the Mexican culture. Check the calendars and facebook page for other fun music and events coming our way. If you feel like getting out of town, check out the La Cruz calendar. There is a ton of live music in La Cruz!
Enjoy and Blessings,

Enjoy the Bucerias Mexico Festival known as “The Lady of Peace” Festival
on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico! 

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